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Sunday, February 13, 2005

What about St. Patrick?

Well, I knew my chart looked like hell. I know my body well enough to listen to the signs when they are loud. This morning, AF showed up full force. At 12 DPO, that really bugs me. I had so much hope when we came out of the IUI. So many dreams seemed reachable, if I could just stretch my hand a little more... I am very frustrated and sad, as CD1 always are disappointing and frustrating. I know we still had more chances to fail than to succeed, but why can't we be in the good side of statistics for once?

I'm still not sure about the next cycle... what am I saying, this cycle... I have no meds at home, no scripts, so I have to call my RE tomorrow so he can tell me what to do next. I assume we will try the same thing, maybe with higher doses of FSH at the beginning. I know we want to try IUI once more time before our money runs out. But this may be our last cycle with injectibles because our insurance only covers to a certain amount. Which we will soon reach.

Well, so much for the St. Valentine's day baby. Gotta find a new blinkie that says Hoping for a St. Patrick baby...

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