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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

What I need

In the mail this morning, I got a letter from our Insurance company telling me one of the meds from last cycle (of course, the most expensive one!) was not covered. It is completely ridiculous since they have paid for that same med several times in the past. The only difference this time is that I got it in the multiple-doses format, opposed to the single-dose format in the past. Anyway, that's plain stupid. It's the same med!!! I argued with the lady on the phone for half an hour and she finally told me I was right (thank you!) but she did not have the power to decide so she would send my papers to an "higher power". Oh great, that helps pay the bills, thanks. I was thinking it is a good thing for her the Clomid has not kicked in yet, because her ear would hurt a lot more if it did! Well, that's just the kind of thing I needed today. Because the physical and emotionnal burdain is just not enough. I always need more!

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