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Friday, March 18, 2005

Because I had nothing better to do

Went to see my RE this morning. He asked me why I was there. Uh, hello? Your secretary told me you wanted to see me before I take the appointment for the lap/drilling. "Oh no, said a sorry RE, it's a mistake, you did not have to come in, I just have to fill these forms." What the..??! I went in, spent nearly 2 hours in the waiting room filled with toddlers and big bellies, and all that for squat? I am pissed. I told the secretary on Monday that I did not need to come in, she only needed to tell my dr to send the forms. But noooo she wanted it her way! Sheesh... As if I had nothing better to do on a Friday morning (like sleeping?!)...

So, he filled the forms and sent them to the hospital. They will call me back to tell me when the lap will take place. My RE said it would be somewhere in June. Sweet, just in time for my birthday. So until then, we will keep trying with Femara, who knows... I am now at CD6, so I don't expect to ovulate for another 2 weeks. Great, another kind of 2ww! Wow, it's a good thing I started boxing again. I think I'll go see my punching bag now and beat the hell out of it...

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Hi there kiwi - It's scottishbaby from FF :) I completely understand wanting to take a break from the site.

By Blogger erinberry, at 2:31 PM  

Hey Erin! :) Nice to see you here!
Thanks for understanding. Drop by anytime!

By Blogger kiwi, at 11:26 PM  

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