Eggs, shots and rock n roll

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Like a boomerang

I'm doing my best to keep myself busy and think less about TTC. But as hard as I try, nature always finds a way to bring my infertility back to the surface. Of all the things 3 young adults can talk about while waiting in line for their chicken order, they have to talk about the first ultrasound and how wonderful it was and the names they are picking for the future baby. Of all the people taking the bus everyday, the one sitting in my face has to be a mom-to-be caressing her round belly with glee. I have nothing against these people. They did nothing to me personnally. I would never want anybody not to have what they have just so I could feel better. I just wished everybody had what these people have. But I think there is someone, or something, up there laughing down at me. There is someone up there having fun just putting some obstacles on my road and making sure to rub my face in my old wounds. I am already having such a hard time trying to fight back the Femara-demon and the mood swings, much less with nature making fun of me. I am depressed, I am discouraged and frustrated. Is it really necessary to add anything more to the mix??!

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