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Saturday, April 02, 2005

This just in!

Well, so much for taking a break this cycle! We could not restrain from BDing like bunnies theses last few days... I took some OPK which were all negative (well, at least I thought!). I usually ovulate on CD25 when on Metformin and Femara alone. I had been noticing some eggwhite stuff for a couple of days. Didn't read much into it. But this morning, my temp made a big jump sky high. Yep, I did ovulate, on CD20 (yesterday) and we have not taken any precautions. So I find myself once again in the 2 ww. I must say I am pretty happy about it. I was still skeptical about the whole "ovulate without injectibles" thing since my two last cycles on injects had not been easy. And what the heck, IF it works out this cycle, we will manage without the gov. program for Maternity leave. It was not there when we first started TTC almost 3 years ago, we knew we would have managed then, so we will if we have to now. Would be quite a Christams gift. My hope is still pretty much dried out, but this little April surprise goes straight to my heart. I won't get my hopes up. I won't be disappointed when I don't see a second line on the HPT. But I will allow myself to be happy for this early ovulation with no injectible meds and for the way life has changed our plans of taking a break. I was never really ok with the idea of taking a break in the first place anyway, so there you have it...

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