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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Our love story

Nine years ago, you kissed me for the first time. Nine years ago, you broke the walls I had built up around me. You had waited for me for so long. I loved you, I knew it, but just couldn't dare let go of my defenses. I was afraid you would hurt me like the others before. I was afraid you would get tired of me. Most of all, I was afraid of losing the best friend you had become.

We had known each other for two years. We saw each other every day in school. And for a year, we had been always together. As time went by, we grew closer and closer. Our complicity and our minds so alike made us inseparable friends. I felt good with you. I was respected, supported, loved. I finally felt I could be myself. In fact, I learned who I really was because of you.

I liked your presence, the way you looked at me, your smile, because they were all full of trust and friendship. I had never had a friend like you before. And I was very afraid of spoiling it all by going further.

Do you rememeber that day at the ice-cream stand? Our eyes locked, our breathing slowed, our mouths got closer... and then I got stupid and scared and I started talking about nothing and everything. How lucky am I that you didn't give up at that moment! Oh what would I have missed if you hadn't kept trying!

We have had our share of hard times together. For a moment we even took different paths, though not very far away from each other. The challenges life threw in our way made our couple stronger. With you, I have had the courage and determination to go on and reach our dream. For you to become a dad was a big motivation for me to keep trying in spite of everything. With you, I have become stronger. With you, I want to live this dream to the fullest.

You helped me become what I am today, and for that I thank you. You showed me I am unique, independant and worthy of my own trust and love. You showed me how to keep my chin up, walk straight ahead and not to live in the past. More than once, you have pushed me into doing something I thought was impossible. You always trusted me and my strength. You have proven to me I was worthy of your love, of any love.

You are my best friend, my love, my partner, my accomplice. I love you.

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