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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Six and a half

My body
I still have very few symptoms. My boobs still hurt like hell and are changing by the second. I am very tired, but it could be from the massive amount of work I am having these days.

My heart
I am very proud to be over 6 weeks now.
I am today at 6w4d. Every day is a small victory and a privilege. I am still experiencing very contradictorial emotions. Happiness and jalousy, hope mixed with fear, expectations, doubts, love, attachment, a fear of the unknown, but most of all, the impression that my heart is just going to busrt from all the love.

My head
Everything still seems sureal. I am starting to read a little about pregnancy, something I had forbidden myself to do during the trying years. I read all I could find about PCOS and fertility and conception. It gave me some kind of control and direction. I am now going from IF geek to pregnancy dummy. Kinda like when you go from being the oldest and knowing everyone at elementary school to becoming the youngest and knowing nobody at high school. Without the zits and the fluo sweatpants.

My kiwi seed
It's supposed to be measuring around 5 mm. It's heart may be beating. I still talk to it everyday.

My honey
I love him so much. He is so sweet and caring. He seems happy, but things are even more sureal to him than they are to me. He bought and installed a hammock in the backyard so I could "rest my belly" this summer. How cute is that?

Our world
I told my girlfriend M. She was very happy. It felt good telling someone in real life! ;)

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