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Monday, October 17, 2005

New rooms

Lats week, P took the week off so we could work on the house. Or should I say in the house. I could not take the week off because of big contracts, so he did most of the work by himself. What a man!

We completely redid the basement. We hadn't touched it since we moved here more than a year ago. It was full of furniture we didn't use, the walls were painted an ugly color and it was really not warm and welcoming. Since we decided that P's office would become the baby's room, we needed to rearrange things in the basement. We painted the walls and ceillings, changed our bookcases, cleaned everything, painted the stairs, placed the things differently... So our basement is now really pretty and P has a nice office with all his computer stuff and guitars. We still need to put up some light fixtures, window treatement and a part of the ceilling, but that's it. Before and after pictures to come, when everything is done.

P worked his butt off last week. He got up early and went to bed late. So he also painted the baby's room. It feels so weird walking in there and seeing blue paint on the walls. I have a feeling I will be daydreaming a lot in this room in the weeks to come. I always dreamed of a baby's room, imagined it, but never trully believed I would get there one day. And there we are. I can't wait to place the furniture, hang the little clothes in the closet, sit in the rocking chair, waiting... It's another little piece of the dream coming true, slowly...

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I can't wait to start that. Looking forward to your before and after pics.

By Blogger PJ, at 9:00 AM  

Hi kiwi - I'm so glad your dream is coming true. I think about you often!

By Blogger erinberry, at 9:37 PM  

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