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Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Six years ago yesterday, P. told me he didn't think he loved me anymore. Six years ago, P. was leaving me and my world was crumbling. My dreams of a house, a baby and our couple shattered. I had to leave my appartment and start a new life. I was so close to my dreams, now I had to do it all over again. We were friend before being lovers. So we decided it was important to stay friends after the break-up. Well, I was still in love with him, so it was even more improtant for me to stay close and not let him get away so easy.

I have learned a lot about myself, about my own limits and my own strength during the few months we were apart. I have grown, I have changed and matured. I worked a lot on my attitude issues and self-control. Then P. came around and told me he still loved me after all. Our second beginning together was slow and safe. We did not want to make the same mistakes again. We had to rebuild our trust, our confidence. We wanted to work on our relationship. So in my heart, I had to put the house and baby projects on hold for a moment. Our couple was more important at that time for me. Two years later, I started bugging him about having a baby. It took about one year before he told me "alright, after that cycle, you stop taking birth control and we can start trying."

Our love is very strong today. I love him more than anything and I know in my heart he feels the same. Of course, the road is bumpy
sometimes. But never as bumpy as it was before the break-up. It has never been the same since then. It's been better. What I thought at the time was the worst day of my life turned out to be a rebirth for me and for our couple. We are on the same level and best friends. I trully believe the strength of our friendship, which has been put to the test even more so than our love, is what makes our relationship so strong and what keeps us together and in love.

I won't thank P. for breaking my heart 6 years ago. But I will thank life for putting him on my path and for shaking us so. It has made us what we are today. And I love what we are today.

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That's awesome that ya'll could make it work the second time. Too often people just give up because they know there's "other fish in the sea" so why bother suffering for one person? But when both parties devote themselves to their partner it really can repair what has been broken. Best of luck having that baby! My wife and I are expecting one ourselves in November or December so we'll be praying for you!

By Blogger Mike Overall, at 11:38 AM  

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