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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Reality dummies

I do not watch a lot of tv. We usually record the shows we want to watch and watch them all on Friday night or during the weekend, fastforwarding the ads. But we are big fans of Burnett's reality shows. So we watch Survivor, The Apprentice and The Contender, but we also watch The Amazing Race. I was surprised this week of how dumb everybody seemed to have become.

The Amazing Race
Let me just say for starters, I LOVE Uchenna and Joyce. They are very strong people and I wish that they win so they can reach their goal of becomming parents. I also love Rob and Amber, being the huge Survivor fan I am. I never liked Lynn and Alex, although Alex was ok, just following his bitchy boyfriend. Anyway. The dumb part: Rob thinking he's so much smarter than everybody else (he even said so!) and NOT getting on the earlier flight after all. Ok, Meredith and Gretchen are not always that bright. They often miss clues that are right there in front of them. Just think of the metal boxes Roadblock where Gretchen was just standing there, looking at the boxes instead of looking inside them and whining "this is impossible! I've looked through them all!" Oh and let's not forget this week's stupidest comment from Kelly, telling Ron he got out of the army by being a POW. Oh. My. God.

I can't believe how dumb everybody was this week. I'm so frustrated these lazy persons stayed on the game just because of Tom and Ian, while the other team was working so hard and just couldn't win imunity. I loved Stephenie, I was rooting all the way for her. But stupid, stupid Helen had to go open her stupid mouth to Tom (oh please Tom, carry me to the end with you! I have done nothing since we arrived here but sit out on challenges and lay in the sun, but please keep me on!) and tell him the girls were against him. I can't believe she is stupid enough to actually think she's going to make it to the final 2...

The Apprentice
Alright, these are not dumb people, obviously. But let me just tell you this: I hate Craig! he is so condescending and arrongant, I can't stand him! He has no respect whatsoever for Kendra, he treats her like a little girl and pouts when she puts her foot down and makes a decision he did not agree with. Plus, he makes stupid decisions himself! I take this to heart because I am young like Kendra and I am self-employed and I constantly have to prove myself to older people. Being twice my age doesn't mean being twice as intelligent. I have been in this business for 8 years now, forgive me for finishing school when I was so young! I have been self-employed and self-sufficient for 5 years. I think I can be worth some respect. I am frustrated Craig is still standing only because he was lucky enough to be in the same team as Tana and Kendra. Anyway, we'll see next week when they'll all be on their own. He's gonna have nobody else to yell at but himself.

The Contender
I have nothing to say really about last week's show... I never loved boxing, but this show got me hooked!


Wow, a totally TTC-free post! That's what happens when nothing happens in my TTC world! Still waiting to ovulate, will be starting to use OPKs tomorrow.

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Don't you just love reality TV? My friends even know not to call my on Thursday nights because of Survivor. It's sad, really. Hope you're doing good. Good luck this month!

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