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Thursday, April 14, 2005


Before saying what I have to say about babydust, I want to say that I really appreciate every word of encouragement. Sincerely, it gives me great confort to know there are people out there thinking positive thoughts for me. Babydust, positive thoughts, +++, fingers crossed, hoping and praying, anything, I really, trully, appreciate it. I could never thank enough my web friends for all their support. No matter the words they use, it always goes straight to my heart.

This said...

I have received SO much babydust in the last 2+ years, I don't know what to do with it. It's making a huge mountain in my backyard. Maybe I could ski on it or roll big balls of babydust and build babydust men, with a funny hat and an old hpt for a nose. Wouldn't that be lovely? We could also throw each other some babydust balls and make babydust angels, lying on our backs looking up at the sky.

What the hell is babydust anyway? Who came up with that expression? When I think of dust, I think of what's rolling under my bed, I think of an old library smelling like humidity and mildew, I think of cat fur and and bread crumbs, I think of the side of the roads in Montreal in November. I never think of anything beautiful when I think of dust. Of course, I could think about what the shooting stars leave behind. But let's face it, it does not come first in the list of dusts. For me, dust is something deteriorating and dying. It is not something shiny and hopeful. So why Babydust? Where does it come from? Is the dust produced from a baby has true virtues? Just the thought of it gives me shivers. Maybe I have too much imagination. Or maybe I have too much time to kill before the 2ww is over. Aaah yes, that must be it... Is there such a thing as patience dust? Because I could really use some right now.

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Whenever I see the phrase "baby dust," I think of large puffs of talcum powder with its tacky smell and extrodinary power to make anyone in the immediate vicinity sneeze up a storm.

By Blogger Suz, at 4:16 PM  

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