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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Spring cleaning

Spring is finally here. For how long, I do not know. I still believe there's gonna be one last snowfall before spring definitely unpacks its bags, but I do hope I am wrong. So we took advantage of this lovely weekend and we racked and cleaned our backyard. We were supposed to have 2 big maple trees cut down today, but it got delayed to tomorrow. I hate having to cut down trees, but it's the sacrifice we have to make to get some sun in our backyard. I want a garden and flowers, so we have no choice. We still have 4 other big trees anyway.

Today we cleaned the whole house. It smells fresh, clean and there are no dust bunnies to be found. The amount of cat fur I picked up today from under the furniture in incredible. It's like a whole cat! It HAD to be done!

I love spring. I feel like it's a fresh new start every year. I wake up, my face warms up in the sun, I stretch my arms and shake the dust off my life. I wish it lasted longer than a split second.

As for my cycle and stuff, nothing new. My chart is flat, but looking good. I'm not feeling anything. I'm not expecting anything. I am just waiting.

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