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Monday, August 15, 2005

A beautiful wedding

Saturday morning, after getting my hair done and getting all dressed up, P and I went to my brother's appartment to meet with my family before the ceremony. All my family was there: my dad and his girlfriend, my mom and her boyfriend and my two brothers. Everybody was looking so good, men in tux and women in beautiful dresses. Everybody was smiling, had nice hair and sparkles in their eyes. I had never seen my brothers so handsome! And seeing my parents together after so many years, laughing and talking, it felt good. They did not end their marriage badly, but they did not really spoke to each other once the divorce was finalised. So, it was cool to see I still could have a family, when it was important.

People already complimented me on my dress and my hair and the small small belly that was starting to show. I loved my belly that morning! It had grown, as if Pépin wanted to be a part of that day too.

We left around 1:15 for the church. People were arriving. Of all the weddings I have been to, this was the first one where I knew most of the people, where our family had the front seat. My father and my mother came up the aisle with my big brother. I was already crying. The church bells rang and the maid of honor and bridesmaids entered, followed by the bride, with her parents (divorced too). What a nice occasion to reunite, even for a short instant, broken families. My SIL was absolutely beautiful, I had tears in my eyes. The ceremony was very nice. The bride and groom were looking at each other with so much love, it was magical.

It was very hot in the church. I was sitting with my grandma, who spoke the whole time. My being polite kept me from telling her to shut up, but I really, really would have liked her to. She even told me "I see you're getting fat!" I answered "No grandma, I'm not getting fat. It's not fat." "Oh well, getting fat or gaining weight, it's the same thing." "No it's not, grandma. I'm not getting fat, it's my baby that's growing." Wow, such nice things to hear!

After the ceremony and the usual pictures in front of the church, we went to a beautiful park to take lots of pictures. After our part was done (which was real quick, since I wasn't a bridesmaid) we left and went to the reception hall.

In the hall, where we were taking a drink (of juice, of course!), awaiting the arrival of the newlyweds, I had the pleasure to hear many comments. Some were nice, like "you're beautiful!" and "your belly really suits you well!" and "you've got such a cute little belly!" But some were not that nice, like "well... it already shows *that* much?" or "only 4 months? Boy, you're gonna be BIG at the end!" Many hands tried to rub my belly, but I managed to push them away politely. I heard a lot of "Good luck!" and unsollicited birth stories. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that most of the people respected my limits and were nice to me. Many aked me all sorts of things, like if I had morning sickness, or if we knew the gender, or if we had names picked out... For the most part, it was nice. But I got kinda tired of talking only about that. I am trully happy to be pregnant and to share that with those I love. But I was someone before I was a pregnant lady. I am more than a pregnant lady still. Anywho...

The whole day was wonderful, fun and beautiful. The food was excellent, although there was just too much of it. Let me sum it up... I have to say it was a Greek reception. So before the supper, there were the drinks (open bar all night, for everybody) with some appetizers. There was also a smoked-meat bar. Then, when we were seated, we had one entrée of spanakopita, taramosalata, feta cheese and artichokes. Then, another entrée of pasta with tomato sauce (that would have been my supper right there). After that, a salad with feta cheese and olives. The main course was veal with potatoes and vegetables, and on top of that there was a seafood platter on every table. Then came the dessert, a pancake stuffed with ice-cream. At the end of the night, they cut the wedding cake and there was a table (and when I say table, I mean 4 whole tables) of desserts, fruits an cheese. Holly molly! We were all about to explode!

Many moments were very touching and made me cry. My big brother holding my little brother tight in his arms. My big brother dancing with my mom. My little bro giving a very touching and sincere speech. The newlyweds dancing their first dance together. My grand-parents dancing cha-cha. Everybody so pretty and smiling and having fun. P was so handsome with his suit. I absolutely adore him (and can't resist him!) when he dresses up.

We left around 1:30 am, and we were not last. We danced to American, Greek and Italian music. We heard speeches in French, English and Greek. We had a glimpse of what a Greek wedding is. I saw all my family together, which only happens at funerals or weddings. I saw my dad and two brothers in tuxedos. There was a camera on every table. At every seat, there was a champagne flute with a strawberry at the bottom, for the first toast. We received, as a thank you gift, a nice olive bowl. My mom had painted a gorgeous wooden box for the cards the couple received. My SIL also turned 30 yesterday, so they celebrated that too. She received ballons and roses and a huge cake (yes, another dessert!). I did not catch the bouquet, P did not catch the gurter. YMCA did not play (thank God!). I took off my sandals and danced like a fool with my cousin, that was so much fun. All in all, a very memorable day.

Yesteray, P and I almost did not eat. We were still so stuffed from the night before! And this morning, my big brother and his wife (feels weird calling her that!) came here to give me a piece of the wedding cake and one of the birthday cake. They looked relaxed and happy. Their honeymoon trip is next week, to Mexico. So this week, they relax and enjoy their new life as husband and wife.

P was afraid this day would make me want to get married. No, it did not. I enjoyed the whole day, I keep very good memories of it. But I was glad I wasn't the center of attention. I still don't want to get married. I'd still rather live that through other people.

If you want to see pictures, send me an email and I'll gladly show them to you. I don't want to put the album here, for obvious reasons.

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Oh, oh! Send me photos please. I love pictures!! Glad you had a good time. The food sounded delicious. And you can never have too many cakes!

By Anonymous Dooneybug, at 10:50 PM  

I'm a sucker for wedding photos. Please send them to me.

I love Greek food. Taramosalata, spanakopita. You're speaking my language. I am not Greek, just love the food. The bad thing with this pregnancy is that I'm having a really hard time with strong smells, ie garlic, dill, feta. That's the worst thing about it.

The wedding sounded beautiful, can't wait to see the pics.

By Blogger PJ, at 9:46 AM  

Sounds like a beautiful day all the way around - family, food, fun and love. Does life get any better? I'd love to see the pictures too!

By Blogger Sandy, at 5:23 PM  

Sandy, send me your email please!

By Anonymous kiwi, at 10:19 AM  

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By Blogger bill naka, at 11:57 AM  

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