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Monday, August 01, 2005

A little surprise

Since P's parents did not give him a proper birthday party, I decided to invite some friends over, for a small surprise party last Friday. Many of them could not come, but 7 of them did, with pleasure. I did not have a great plan, I just thought they would drop by and act as if they were only passing in the neigborhood and droping by.

P knew his brother would be coming that night, but not that it was because I invited him to. So when the bell rang, P was not surprised and opened the door. It was not his brother, but two friends of ours. "Oh we were at the store close to here so we thought we would drop by and say hi!" P bought it and invited them in. When his brother arrived shortly after that, P still thought it was only a coincidence. But when another friend knocked on the door, I was sure he would get it. He did not! He was surprised to see his friend, but he did not get that I had invited them all and that it was no mere coincidence. I was laughing so hard when he said, meaning it: "it's so much fun! People droping by, all on the same night, when usually nobody visit us!" When I finally explained to him this was a small surprise party I had planned at the last minute, he was so happy, it brought tears to my eyes. I did it! I surprised him AND I made him happy for his birthday!

We sang Happy birthday, had some delicious cake, gave him gifts, played baby-foot and talked for hours. It was a beautiful night and P was happy and very touched. He could not believe people took time to come and celebrate him.

It felt so good to make up for the lame party his parents gave him and the small dinner at the restaurant we had the night of his birthday. And it felt even better looking at him, smiling at me when every body left, knowing this night was for him and him alone.

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Good for you. I am so glad you could do something special for P, to celebrate his day. Yay!


By Blogger Susie, at 10:07 PM  

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