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Thursday, July 21, 2005

My big brother

I have never had a fantastic relation with my older brother. There were even times, as a teenager, when I trully, deeply hated him. Today, we get along ok. We are both out of our teenage crisis, I guess that must help.

When we told my dad and brothers about the pregnancy, my big brother was very happy for us. He asked me if I would have a belly at his wedding, on August 13. I told him maybe.

Then I left on vacation. When I came back and got some free time to log on MSN, he wrote to me. He said "I really have nothing to say... I just wanted to know how my nephew/niece was doing." How sweet is that? I was very touched. It was the first time ever he wrote to me without having a favor to ask or a joke to send me. I sent him a picture of the last u/s and he was very excited. He asked me when would I be able to know the gender, so I told him my next u/s would be on Aug. 26. He asked me if I would have a belly by then. I said maybe a small one. "And on my wedding day, will you have a belly?" "Probably", I said. "Yay! You're gonna have a belly on my wedding pictures!"

I must say I am surprised by his interest in my having a belly, but I am really touched at the same time. He seems sincerely happy for me and that's something new. I had not fully realised our own happiness was affecting people around us. I mean, I knew people were happy for us, but I did not think they would be so involved in our happy bubble as they are. I'm not complaining, but it feels weird. I have never shared anything with my family, I always have been very private towards them. For all the TTC long months, P and I were alone in our battle. Now that victory is in our grasp, everybody wants to share it with us. This is all new for me, I'm a little uneasy about it. But I'm also starting to like it! It feels weird to aknowledge that this baby will not only change P and mine's life, but the lives of our families too. They are part of that big beautiful change, no matter how much I wanted to keep it for myself.

Now I hope I do have a belly come August 13, I wouldn't want to disappoint anyone!

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How sweet is that. It'll probably feel more real to your brother when he can see that you have a belly.

I hope you have a belly in time for the wedding too. If not, maybe you can pad one in :)

By Blogger PJ, at 8:35 AM  

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