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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The weekend

The weekend party went pretty well. I might even say I was pleasantly surprised. It rained all weekend, but it wasn't that bad. I heard some dumb comments and some assvice begining with "oh, you'll see..." but nothing really annoying. Not that many people tried to rub my belly, thank goodness. But everybody looked at my belly before looking at my face to say hi. I did not sleep in a tent, being pregnant has advantages! Corn was good. And, most of all, I did not sing at the karaoke. I didn't even need to hide in the woods. They just did not feel like forcing people into singing this year.

A few things annoyed me though. Especially the questions beginning with "Did you think about...?" like "Did you think about the fact that next year, you'll come here with a baby?" or "Did you think about the huge belly you're gonna have on Christmas?" I wonder if they seriously think I haven't thought about this stuff. I know they mean no harm, I think the question is more for themselves than for me. As if they just got some stuff and wondered out loud if I had thought about that too.

Yes I have. That and many, many other things.

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