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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Where's my head again?

I had an appointment this morning. I always find it hard to wait 4 weeks between appointments. So when the time comes, I'm all excited and anxious to hear the baby's heart and see how many pounds I have gained.

So we went to the clinic early this morning. P always takes some time off work to come with me, which I really appreciate, since he cannot really miss that much work. We arrive at the clinic only to learn that my appointment wasn't today but last Tuesday! Argh! I hate when I do that! How could I have put the wrong date on my calendar? I was so pissed! Of course, they could not see me today so I had to reschedule. Now I have to wait 5 more days to hear Pépin's heart and I have to go alone because P won't be able to come next week. This makes me sad, it's my fault. Oh well, what can I say, I am very distrated lately.

I got a little sticker with the date and time of my next appointment. I put it on the fridge where I will be able to see it everyday. Let's hope this time I don't miss it...

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Don't ya just hate when that happens! I've done it before and it sucks so bad!

By Blogger Sheryl, at 6:28 PM  

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