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Friday, December 30, 2005


I started this blog in January, so this year's retrospective will also be some king of blog annual report.

I'm still shaken by my miscarriage. We start trying again, with stronger doses of injectibles. For the first time of my life, I have more than one folicle: there are 3 mature eggs ready to be released. We try our first IUI. It doesn't work.

Second IUI. Doesn't work. Starting to feel I'm at the end of my rope.

We decide to stop doing the injectibles and IUI for a couple of months, while we wait for my laparoscopy and ovarians drilling and gather some money. I ask my RE to give me a Femara script, since I can ovulate with that (but late in the cycle). I'd rather do just that than simply sit and wait.

First cycle with only Femara and Metformin, no injects. I ovulate on CD20, which is a big improvement for me. It doesn't work. I have an ear infection and the dr tells me not to try to conceive that month. A pharmacist friend tells me there's nothing to worry about, so we continue trying.

Two days before Mother's Day, I ovulate on CD20 for the second cycle in a row. I can't believe I'm almost regular! I decide to take things lightly and have a positive outlook. I feel much better, lighter and hopeful. On May 20, I see the long awaited second line appear on my hpt. I am pregnant! P's good friend dies of liver cancer.

We meet our baby for the first time. We tell our families. Summer is here!

We go on vacations. We do the nucal fold testing and see our baby again. P turns 30. I stop taking the Metformin. First trimester is over, already! We can tell the whole world!

What would have been my EDD for the first pregnancy turns out less painful than I thought, because I am feeling so good now with Pépin in my belly. 3 years since I stoped taking BCP. My big brother gets married. I have headaches for weeks. We meet our baby again and learn it's a healthy little boy! I feel him move all day long and love it.

I begin swim class. I am swamped with work. I finally gain weight. My friend's dad dies of liver cancer.

Still lots of work. P remodels the basement and paints the baby's room. My back begins to hurt from time to time. I don't have gestational diabetes. Second trimester over. Pépin is moving and kicking so much!

We do the 3D u/s. We stard childbirth classes. I have a terrible cold that lasts for 2 weeks.

Work has finally slowed down a little, I can finally rest. One year since my miscarriage. I have my baby shower. I have a second cold. This one lasts 3 weeks and kicks my butt. We vist the hospital. I have a car accident. Christmas parties really tire me, but fill me with joy in knowing that next year, we will be celebrating with our son.

2004 had been a horrible year for us. It started with lots of trouble with our appartment, which we had to leave in 4 days and find another place to live before being able to move in our new house. Our cat Tao died. TTC was hard and ended with my miscarriage. P's aunt died around Christmas time. 2005 started on a grim and grey note. But it kept on going better and it finally became the best year of my life (yet). 2005 has been the year where I saw my dreams could and would come true. It's been a year where I learned we too could be happy. 2006 sounds even better. I can't wait!

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