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Friday, December 02, 2005

Shower: to be or not to be

When I first told my mom I was pregnant, she asked me if she was supposed to throw me a baby shower. I told her she didn't have to, but yes, it was supposed to be her job.

After my 18 weeks u/s, when we knew we were expecting a boy, she asked me to give her a list of the things we needed. I had already put up a really precise list of everything we needed to buy, so I just gave her that list. She forbade me to buy anything on that list as long as she did not tell me it was ok. I still bought some stuff that I deliberately took off the list: the furniture, the stroller, anything regarding decoration of the room, some clothes... But for the last month, the urge to go shopping for my little boy is very strong. Christmas is almost here and I don't feel like going shoping in stores packed with people frustrated they waited for the last minute to do their Chrsitmas shoping. I didn't feel like shoping in December, but I guess I have no choice. After all, it's not like I'm in a hurry. I still have a month and a half before baby arrives. *sigh* I would like to be able to relax for the last weeks, not to be shoping... It's already not so much fun to shop, with my back hurting and the need to go pee every 15 minutes.

So, for the last month, I've been bugging my mom and telling my friends I wanted to shop badly and I really wanted my list back. I was beginning to wonder if she would throw me a shower after all. There are 2 weekends left before the holidays... and after that, it would be very last minute, wouldn't it? (I'm due January 27) But most of all, I was wondering how they were ever going to surprise me. Anything out of the ordinary planed for the next weekends and they'd get caught.

For months, I told myself I would not have a baby shower. I didn't mind. Oh well, of course, I did. Who doesn't love getting gifts? And dreaming of a baby for so long involved dreaming of a baby shower too. I don't expect a lot of people with tons of gifts. But I would love a small gathering of everyone I love, celebrating this happy event with us. But if I don't have a shower, I won't hold it against my mom. I don't expect that of her, of anybody. But if I don't have a shower, when the hell am I gonna get my list back?!

Last Monday, P went to one of his aunt's to repair her computer. He does that often. After fixing the PC, he called me to tell me he was on his way and then he said something really fast, as if he didn't want me to be able to say anything. We were having dinner with his aunt and parents this weekend. We hung up and that was it. I later asked him about that dinner and he said he had to talk to his mom to know the details. On Thuesday, he told me there would be lots of people since his family wouldn't be doing a big Christmas party this year (which was true). But on Wednesday morning, a light bulb went on in my head. How could I have been so naive? A dinner, with his aunt, whom we are really not that close to? That sounded really suspicious! So I confronted him that night. I asked him, out of the blue: "so, tell me more about this dinner for Carmen. When? Who?" I cought him by surprise and he saw in my eyes I wasn't fooled. So he just laughed and said "ok ok, so you know we're not celebrating her birthday..."

Poor him! He had to come up with something believable at the last minute, with elements that were by themselves very suspicious. A dinner, on a Sunday night, at a restaurant we both hate? His parents never do anything on a Sunday night, but my mom always does because of her work. It would be near our home, when all P's family lives far from here? His parents never go out for dinner, they usually invite us over. So, no matter what he would have told me, I would have discovered the truth. But I must say, I believed him for a moment.

So I know the place and time, but I have no idea who will be there and what's gonna happen. I am already so grateful to be having a shower. And it doesn't matter if it no longer is a surprise, I'm gonna be so very happy to see the people I love, together, celebrating or happiness. Finally!

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That's what I loved best about my shower as well - everyone, together, celebrating. Enjoy!

By Blogger Ally, at 1:56 PM  

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