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Monday, December 19, 2005

Surprise (finally!)

Sunday the 4th, as expected, P took me to the restaurant for my shower his aunt's birthday. When we got there, we saw his parents and aunt sitting all alone at a big table next to a big door. The door to the reception hall, of course. Trying to make the surprise last, my fil says he's got something to show us and he opens the big door. I put my surprised face on and enter...

I did not have to fake it, I really was surprised! Yes, I knew it would be my baby shower, but I never thought there would be so much people in such a big room, fully decorated with balloons and ribbons. They were all (all 50 of them!) very happy to see us. So many people, so much love in one room... that was a lot to take in!

There were friends of mine, my family, P's family, friends of the family... all there to celebrate one happy event: the birth of our little boy. So we kissed everybody, shook hands, smiled. Than my mom took me by the hand and showed me one special gift: a quilt. Not just any quilt though. We made the baby's room under the theme of the Little Prince. On the quilt were 15 squares all embroided by hands. 15 people had embroided, in their own style, a different picture from the Little Prince. Childhood friends, my aunt, my mother, my grand-mother, my cousins, some of my mom's friends, my sisters in law... 15 women had each created a unique square for my litlle boy. What an extraordinary and unique gift! What a great idea!

The whole night was fun, full of surprises. Many games were played, like the one where people had to guess the size of my belly with a string. Let's just say people saw me much bigger than I actually am! P and I had to taste some baby puree and try to guess what it was (awful!).

We were swamped with gifts, from the matress to the pjs. A friend of mine did the wrapping and she did such a wonderful job. She even made a kind of wedding cake with diapers and blankets. Really cute!

The night went by quickly. I tried to talk to everybody, but it was really hard. But seeing all those people smiling and happy for US really made me happy. I smiled the whole evening, talking and laughing and not faking any of it. Hands touched my belly and I didn't even care!

I did not cry during the shower, I was so overwhelmed by the events. Once the party was over, the gifts all placed in the car and the car door closed beside me, I let the tears fall. I cried and cried and cried, all the way home, then all the time I unwrapped all the gifts. I was crying from all the emotions, so much love, so much attention. I also wondered if I really was worth all that love. What did I do to deserve all this? I'm not always a good friend... I also cried because I regretted not giving my mom the benifice of the doubt. I was coming to the restaurant expecting the worse. I never thought she would pull off such a great party. I cried while unwrapping the gifts because I imagined my baby boy with us. This time, it felt so real, so close!

Now all we need is the baby! Everything is ready for his coming. Well, everything, except me...

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That quilt is beautiful. What a lovely idea.

By Anonymous Jenn, at 5:17 PM  

Oh Kiwi! What a wonderful shower. You ARE worth it!! It was so thoughtful for all those people to embroider the pieces of the quilt. Your little guy will always cherish that.

By Anonymous Dooneybug, at 9:15 PM  

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