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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Let's try and make up for the lack of posting. I started translating my posts from my French blog, but until it's all done, here are some news...

Félix turned 6 months last week, already! He is getting very big and tall. He can now sit by himself without falling flat on his nose. He has 3 teeth now. He laughs a LOT (as you can see in my last post) and my heart melts every time. For that sound alone, I think the struggle was worth it.

I am still exclusively breastfeeding and loving it. I never thought I would love breastfeeding so much. It is so simple now. He nurses 5 times a day, for about 15 minutes each. He sleeps through the night. He latches by himself, pulling my breast to his mouth with his hands if I'm taking too much time. He's a little ogre! And the look in his eyes when the milk spills in his mouth is piriceless. When I look at all the folds on his tighs, his arms, his chins, I can't help but feel so much pride in thinking that I did this. I fed him, with my body, my milk. For me, it's a continuation of the pregnancy. And God knows I loved pregnancy.

I gave him cereals for the first time last Saturday. He didn't seem to hate it nor love it. Maybe I'll have more success with vegetables.

I lost lots of weight. I am now 11 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight (and I had gained 40 pounds total during pregnancy). Exercise, healthy eating and breastfeeding. And no fertility treatment for more than a year. No fancy tricks or diets for me. I am trying to lose the 10% the dr always says to lose when you're pcos. We'll see. Almost there.

I started to work back in March, 5 weeks after giving birth. I work from home, so I still spend my days with my son. Only now, he's sitting in his pack n play while I'm working (or blogging, whatever). I had a real hard time in June because of a really big contract, but it's over now. Enjoying the summer while I can.

Since I'm still breastfeeding Félix, no sign of my period yet. I did not want to take birth control pills after giving birth. It just sounded illogical for me, after so many years TRYING to get pregnant, now I would want to AVOID it? No way. But we do want to start trying for baby number 2 soon. More on that later.

I haven't sent anything to Paty. I haven't called her. I don't care anymore. She's out of my life for good and it feels very liberating.

Ok, enough with the boring stuff. On with the translating. See you in a bit.

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Hey Kiwi-Great to hear you're doing well! The video of Felix laughing filled me with so much joy! He is just precious! I can't wait for Maddie to be doing stuff like that!

By Blogger K, at 3:33 PM  


the video of felix was awesome. he looks like a really "easy to please " baby! lucky you!

By Anonymous aida, at 10:19 AM  

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