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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

4 months

Yesterday, I turned 4 months pregnant. Already 4 months, it's amazing! I still have to pinch myself from time to time.

My body
I can not ignore my belly anymore. I still think it's pretty small, but people are starting to notice it. I still fit in most of my clothes, but I feel the maternity clothes shoping spree is close at. I've had headaches for 4 weeks, on and off. They seem gone for now. I am no longer as tired as I was, but I still have low energy and motivation. People say I glow, but I see no difference when I look in the mirror.

My heart
It's so full of love, it's about to explode. I feel so grateful for the chance I have, for this little being growing inside of me. Not a day goes by that I don't thank mother nature to finally have given us a break. I let myself be happy and giddy, without being naive. I no longer let my fears overcome my happiness, but I'm keeping my feet on the ground. My heart is beating strong and fast when I think about what could be, in a couple of months, when I think about the baby I might be holding close to myself.

My head
My thoughts are hard to stop, they always have been. These days, I mostly think about the u/s I'll be having on Friday and the possibility of finding out the gender of Pépin. I also think about the baby's room, the things we need to buy, all the things I'm gonna have to learn quickly., breasfeeding, names, everything that's gonna change in our lives. I'm not stressed or panicked. I'm just letting myself think about stuff I never allowed myself to think about before. I am opening doors slowly, looking a little further.

My kiwi seed
I felt it move a few times, always while lying on my back, while P is pressing on my belly. I can't wait to feel it by myself. I mostly can't wait to see him/her again, see how much it has grown since my last u/s 6 weeks ago. And maybe learn a little bit more about him/her. It's measuring 18 cm from head to toe, each foot measuring 2,5 cm and the head is 4 cm around. So small, but already so big!

My boyfriend
He massages and puts cream on my belly every night. He reads about all sorts of stuff, is interested in everything regarding the baby and baby stuff. I have a feeling he's asking himself the same questions I am asking myself (will I be able to take car of a baby? How will I know what to do?) but I am convinced he's gonna be a terrific dad, very patient, fun, caring and proud. I think he believes his daddy role starts at the birth, but I think it has already begun. And he's very good at it.

Our world
Everybody now knows. The grand-parents are all very excited, they almost have more fun telling people than we have. People are very nice to us, in general. Many of my friends give me good advices, without me feeling like a ignorant dummy. Even if I'm a solitary person, I know being around such great people will bring me a lot and I am very grateful in advance.

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