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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Another friend

I have another friend, Nathalie, who's completely different from Paty. We've been friends since high school too. If I compare Paty and Nathalie... I have one example, to show you how well Nathalie listens compared to Paty. They both knew we were TTC, taking fertility drugs and all that. When I finally decided to tell them I was pregnant, I just took them to my bedroom (seperatly), telling them I had to show them something. I then showed them the picture of my first u/s on the wall. Paty looked at the picture for a good 2 minutes with no reaction. She had to read the tiny character (my name!) to get it. She said she thought I had put pictures of someone's u/s on my wall and she didn't understand why. Uh... yeah, why would an infertile put someone else's baby pictures on her wall, tell me??

Nathalie looked at the picture for a quarter of a second before jumping up and screaming and laughing. She got it right away. She just remembered, you know, that we had been TTC for 3 years.

She's been with her boyfriend for 2 years and has wanted babies forever, but him being Lebanese make things a little more difficult. They would have to get married before having kids, which in itself, is not such a difficult thing to do. But Nathalie just started her own business, is still living with her parents, wanted to live in an appartment on her own before moving in with him, well, you get the picture. Just not the right time. She told me 6 months ago that she thought maybe she had a fertility problem. She said they were not trying, but not really being careful either. It had been more than a year and nothing. I told her the usual crap: a healthy couple has 25% chances blah blah blah on ovulation day blah blah.

So yesterday, I was talking with her on Messenger. She asked me "Should being 8 days late worry me?" Wow, 8 days late, I didn't think such a thing existed! I would have peed on a thousand sticks by then! I told her she should do a hpt, just to make sure. It happens to be late for no specific reason, but most of the time, for normal people, it means one thing. She was scared, because of how her boyfriend's family would react. She was scared he wouldn't want to keep it. I asked her how she was feeling. She told me she was crying all the time, because she would want to keep the baby, but it was so not the right time. I asked her how she felt physically. She said she had had some spotting last week (I told her about implantation spotting) and that her boobs were huge and how tired she felt... I told her "you know, sometimes our own body plays tricks on us. But sometimes, it also tries to tell us something. There's no real way of knowing, except POAS..." She asked me how much longer would I be online (it was late), so I told her I would wait for her if she wanted me to. She said yes, please. So I waited while she peed on the stick and waited for the result.

She came back online and told me she was pregnant. The most surprising thing is, I didn't feel anything bad as I usually do. I was almost immediately happy for her, even though I knew it wouldn't be easy. Maybe because she's been a better listener, maybe because in some way she understood a piece of what we went through... Maybe just because she told me right away, I don't know. I just know that I didn't think about my own feelings at all. And it felt great.

She was going to tell her boyfriend this morning. I hope it goes well. I'm going to see her this afternoon.

-----Update on Paty-----
I told you I had sent her a card on New Year's and one on her birthday. I received a email telling me she saw the first one on Jan. 2nd and another email telling me she saw the other one on Jan. 6th. Well, she sent me a card too, on the 9th. The same card I had sent her, saying Happy birthday... And saying "Thanks for the 2 cards... I just received them. Let's just say I've been very busy and on top of things, I've been to the hospital for 2 days with a stomach flu (dehydrated and all that). Happy New Year with your family and enjoy what life gives you."

Why did she write she just saw the cards? Why more bullshit? Doesn't she know I can see when she reads the cards? Anyway, enough said about her. Subject closed.

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Hey Kiwi
How are you doing!? I can't believe you are so close!!!
As I was reading your post I could totally relate...I have a similar situation with a couple of friends, one is more thoughtful and easy to get along with..and the other is more self-involved. I hope everything turns out well for your friend Nathalie.

By Blogger K, at 7:41 PM  

I hope it goes well for her.
Le pépin! J'attends le pépin!!
Can I be your guest blogger???

By Blogger Lala, at 4:15 PM  

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