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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


As infertiles, or ex-infertiles, we all know about the evil fertile SIL. Every infertile has a fertile SIL, it's the law, right?

Well, I have two.

Back in June, my BIL (P's brother) calls us and tells P they're expecting. Like that, out of nowhere. Of course, it was an accident. But they're happy. I later chat with my SIL. I ask her what her EDD is. When she tells me, I notice she's only 4 weeks pregnant. So they told the whole world as soon as the peestick was dry. Wow. I wonder what it feels like to be so blissfully naive. I wish them no arm, really. But it's kinda weird for me when someone announces their pregnancy to the whole world (and not only to internet friends, you know) as soon as they pee on a stick.

At least they had the sensibility to call us and tell us privately instead of making an ambush announcement at the family dinner we had a couple of days later.

I am very happy for them. But I can't help feeling a little jealous. I didn't think I would be, since I'm a mom and all. But the little infertile that had been sleeping for a while inside of me woke up and felt like crap.

Then, two weeks later, I was chatting with my older brother. I asked him if he wanted us to buy a present from all the children to my dad for his birthday, like we always do. He said no, this year I'll give him something and you give him something. I half-jokingly asked him if he was going to give my dad the same thing I gave him last year for his birthday (a box announcing my pregnancy). I knew his wife was off the pill, so I knew it would be coming sooner or later. He said no, that's not it and laughed.

Of course, I was right. They gave my dad a photo album from their wedding and signed the card "from the 3 of us". Everybody was happy. I was too. Even if her EDD is on Felix's birthday. And even if it worked on the first try. Of course it did.

So there you have it. I'm gonna be an aunt twice in about 5 months. And most of the days, I'm happy about it.

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Congratulations and I'm sorry. That about covers it, yes?

I have a SIL who we think is trying at the moment. I'm already jealous that it will be so easy for them too. I don't think that will ever go away for those of us who have waited and waited.

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