Eggs, shots and rock n roll

Monday, July 09, 2007


The results are in.

At 16 dpo, my beta was 405.
At 18 dpo, it was 745.


With Félix, at 20 dpo, my beta was 263. So I think I can say I'm. Pregnant. Me. Again. Wo.


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I never thought

When we went back on the injectible road, I never thought it would work quickly. I never thought one cycle would be enough. I saw myself going through cycle after cycle, every time getting a little bit more frustrated and imaptient. I never dreamed I would get pregnant with baby #2 after only 7 cycles.

I tested every morning after the trigger shot, to see it leave my body and make sure that when I felt the urge to test at 11 dpo, if there was a line, I would know if it was from the trigger or not.

Here, DPT is for days past trigger, not transfer. So at 6 dpo, there was no second line. The trigger was gone. And at 10 dpo... what's that? Is that...? Let's wait until tomorrow.

My gazillion tests all say the same thing: I'm pregnant.

I cannot believe how quickly it happened this time! I feel so blessed to be this lucky. I never ever would have thought this could happen to me.

I had my first of two blood works this morning. Still waiting for the results. Hoping everything looks good. Going back on Thursday. My first ultrasound will be on July 25, at 7 weeks. I'm not expecting (or even hoping) for twins. All I want is one healthy baby that sticks with me for 8 more months.

I'm still causiously happy. I feel scared, as if I'm dreaming and I just don't want to wake up. This seems too good to be true.